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If Your A Home Owner Or Your Thinking About Buying A Home, Then You Need To Check Out The Details Inside This Book. Don't Make the Mistake Of NOT Doing This Before You Apply. Just Cover $5.60 for Shipping And Handling
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  • The 40 things that make up your credit report. Everything in your report has an effect on your score. Understanding the mechanics of your report is crucial to success. (Page 24-27)
  • How to breakdown your FICO - even if you know nothing about credit or financing. Once you know what matters, you can lazor focus on that. Page 24
  • TODAY: What you can do immediately to start putting yourself in a better financial situation for purchases and interest rates.
  • Considering bankruptcy? Do not doing anything until you read everything you need to know on Page 57.
  • The offense AND defense to your credit profile. We're required to play the "credit game" but no one ever showed us the rules. Page 42.
  • Understand what a "DMP" is and why it makes sense for only some situations. Page 77
  • The exact thing you need to say to your creditors to increase your score immediately Page 90!
  • A proven step-by-step model we've used to help more than 25,000 individuals restore their credit profile.
  • And much much more...
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